Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our new home! via photoshop.... plus a shameless plug for dough

Well here it is! the future household of the Allred legacy! (we hope) this house was just put on the market about a week ago. It's a bit of a fixer but its priced right, we still have a few months of saving left to do. (unless some one has about 5000 dollars to lend us... anyone? if we buy this house before june 30th we will get a tax credit for 7500 dollars so we'll be able to pay you back in a year. That's not bad, right? We will also except multiply loans from several people.. anyone! We are a little afraid that this house will be sold before we can save up the money. That would be really sad because after looking at houses for over a year now it's really the best deal out there, and its got unfinished space so we can grow into it! So search your hearts and send some money our way. think of all the good Karma you'll get!

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